Cheapest Franking Machine

The cost of a franking machine largely depends on the volume of mail you will be franking. If you are franking low volumes your costs will also be low, likewise if you are processing high volumes it is expected that your costs will also be high.

However, the cost within the categories also varies due to the different features and options available such as envelope handling capacity and processing speed. You can buy a cheaper low volume franking machine for approximately £1,000, a medium volume machine for around £3000 and a high volume machine for around £9,000.

We have found the best, cheapest models on the market from each category to help you find the franking machine that’s right for your business.

Low Volume Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes DM50

This is one of the most popular entry level franking machines; it can frank at a speed of up to 20 letters a minute, has an 2.5kg integrated scale and is PIN protected for security.

Other features include automatic date advance, the ability to frank your logo or company name onto each envelope and Intellilink which is a software that makes updates and tariff changes easily accessible and downloadable.

The low volume DM50 can be bought outright for around £1,000 or rented at a cost of £19 a month.

Neopost IS-240 Autostamp 2

The IS-240 from Neopost is a low volume machine that franks at a speed of 20 letters a minute. This franking machine has a 2kg integrated scale, low ink alerts, and is Smart Meter compliant for easy and accurate reporting. You can also have up to 10 personalised slogans and access to the myneopost online service which allows you to analyse your postage expenditure and other reports.

To purchase the IS-240 will cost around £1,000 or it can be rented for approximately £17 a month.

Medium Volume Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes DM220i

The DM220i is a medium volume machine manufactured by Pitney Bowes, it has a speed of 45 letters per minute, a 5kg integrated weighing platform and other features such as differential weighing and an envelope sealer. This machine is compact so can easily sit on any desk, it is reliable, efficient and thrives in busy environments. The Intellilink comes as a standard with Pitney Bowes machines ensuring your machine is always up to date.

The DM220i can be bought outright for just over £2,900 or it can be leased for £89 a month.

Matrix F2

The Matrix F2 is a medium volume franking machine that can process 1250 letters per hour, has a built-in scale of 2kg with the option of increasing this to 5kg or 15kg and uses the ComTouch user system (a system to make the control panel simple to use and information/ commands easily accessible with 18 programmable one-touch functions). The Matrix F2 is quiet but powerful and includes features such as an automatic date setting, automatic postal pricing and optional envelope advertising for your business.

The Matrix F2 can be purchased for between £2,000 and £3,000 or rented for around £30 a month.

High Volume Franking Machines

Frama Mailmax II Speed

Frama offers this high volume franking machine that can process 10,000 items an hour, the machine has an automatic feeder and sealer as well as a built-in weighing scale. The automatic features help to reduce human involvement when it comes to mail sorting, allowing employees to work on other jobs while the machine sorts and franks the mail. This franking machine has been designed for speed efficient processing of large volumes of mail and it is recommended that you should be franking at least 500 pieces of mail a day to fully benefit from this machine. The Mailmax II comes with a large selection of features including 250 departmental accounts and PIN protection.

This high end machine comes at a price, the Mailmax II Speed will cost over £10,000 to buy and around £300 a month to rent.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 2000

Pitney Bowes have the Connect+ 2000 available as a high volume franking machine, it can process up to 180 letters per minute and if you add a power stacker to it the machine can process 7,000 envelopes per hour making it versatile and perfect for larger businesses.

The Connect+ 2000 is a powerful franking machine that includes package tracking through web connectivity, automatic rate updates and improved accounting. This machine also has the ability to print marketing messages along the top of the envelopes, has mainly automated functions and includes colour printing.

To buy the Connect+ 2000 would cost you around £10,000 and it would cost approximately £300 to rent.

There is a huge variety of products available from the 4 Royal Mail approved manufacturers so you are bound to find the right franking machine for your company. These were the best, cheapest of the low, medium and high volume categories we could find, they offer fantastic features, high quality franking and will save you both money and time.

The costs included in this article are for the franking machine alone, there are other recurring costs that should be considered such as: ink, labels and maintenance.