post box location map uk

Map by SK53 OSM

There are 116,088 postboxes in the UK in total, according to the freedom of information act, Royal Mail must provide all locations of the postbox and data surrounding it. Although the data they released is not structurally stringent or geocoded, we can take the data and represent it on a map using various software applications.

Edward Betts has put all the data together into a table, sorted by UK postcodes. As you click on each post code, the Open Street Map loads the location with respective sub-postcodes. If this is data that would be useful for yourself, you can also download the TSV file format and have a play around in excel or another number crunching software package.

SK53-OSM continues by adding:

Very incomplete mapping in Wales, the South-West Peninsula, and Lincolnshire are no surprise, but I didn’t expect the pretty good data in most areas of the Scottish Highlands. I suspect that much of this may down to the activities of a single mapper. A number of areas have more postboxes than recorded by Royal Mail in 2009: this may be redundant entries in OSM, single entries for post-box pairs in the Royal Mail data, or changes in the number of postboxes between 2009 and 2013.

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