Franking Machine For Sale

There are currently 4 Royal Mail approved manufacturers in the UK, these are; Pitney Bowes, Frama, NeoPost and Francotyp Postalia. These companies are the ones who are authorised to make and sell franking machines; each manufacturer has many franking machines available to suit the needs of all businesses from startups to large corporations. We have chosen three franking machines from each manufacturer to give you an idea of what is currently available in the UK.

NeoPost is the biggest UK manufacturer; they have a focus on providing solutions to make communications quicker, cheaper and more effective. NeoPost are known for producing high quality, sturdy franking machines are offering excellent customer service.

Pitney Bowes is the leading worldwide franking machine supplier, they have a large amount of experience (over 90 years) and have built up a reputation for increasing productivity in workplace communications.

Frama was established in 1970 and has been an innovative company ever since the start, releasing many ‘world first’ products! Frama is known for producing high quality and technologically advanced franking machines.

Francotyp Postalia was founded in 1923, they are also innovative and successful. FP have produced many cutting edge franking machines and have prided themselves on providing excellent customer service.

Low Volume Franking Machines

Price: Approximately £1000 to buy outright.

Neopost IS-280c

This is a simple, compact and effective franking machine that gives small businesses the benefit of making financial savings as well as advertising on envelopes and managing mail accounts online.

Pitney Bowes DM50

The DM50 is a great entry-level machine, allowing users to accurately weigh items on the integrated scale to receive correct price calculations every time. You can also advertise on the envelope and frank in smart blue ink instead of the traditional red when using the DM50.

Frama Matrix F22

The Matrix F22 comes with a built in scale, an automatic date change feature and smart blue ink. It also has PIN security, will easily frank onto labels and is simple to use. This model is MailMark compatible and SMART meter enabled.

FP PostBase Qi3

This low volume franking machine is compact, simple to use and is ready to start franking mail straight out of the box. The PostBase Qi3 has a colour touchscreen and has many optional upgrades meaning it can grow with your business. This franking machine also has a scale and label dispenser to help make franking accurate and straightforward.

Medium Volume Franking Machines

Price: Between £3,000 – £8,000

Neopost IN-600

This franking machine is aimed at growing businesses; it has many great features such as an automatic feeding system, an integrated scale with differential weighing and online services to make sure your franking machine is always up to date.

Pitney Bowes DM300

This is a simple but efficient franking machine that has an automatic date advance feature, a semi-automatic envelope sealer and an integrated scale. The DM300 is also energy star compliant, which means it has lower operating costs and is better for the environment.

Frama Matrix F32

The F32 is up to date with all the latest technologies (MailMark compatible and SMART meter enabled), it also has a semi-automatic feeding system and allows you to use up to 6 personalised advertising messages. This Frama franking machine automatically calculated tariffs and is protected by PIN to help prevent unauthorized access.

FP Postbase Qi6

The Postbase Qi6 has an integrated scale and the latest MailMark technology meaning you will always be paying the correct rates. It uses touch screen technology, has up to 50 different departmental accounts and up to 20 advertisement messages that you can use. It is easy to use, has a fully automatic feeding system and has great features that make sure franking mail is as straightforward as possible.

High Volume Franking Machines

Price: £8,000 +

Neopost IS-6000c

This is the highest volume machine available in the Neopost range, it can process 260 letters per minute and comes with a range of impressive features that help increase the productivity, operability and efficiency of franking. These features include mixed mail feeding, a high capacity envelope feeder and easy navigation through clear displays. There are also optional extras available such as differential weighing and a dynamic scale.

Pitney Bowes DM450c

This machine can handle 120 letters per minute and is fully automatic – meaning it automatically feeds, franks and seals (optional) envelopes. The DM450c comes with integrated scales and differential weighing, advances date and time option and special delivery options. You will also get warning alerts if your postage funds, ink or water levels are running low.

Matrix F82

This franking machine comes with an automatic feeder, can process 140 letters per minute, an integrated scale and a label dispenser. It is MailMark compliant and has a stack weighing mode for quick, automatic calculations. This is reliable and long-lasting making franking large amounts of mail stress free and efficient.

FP Postbase One

The Postbase One can process up to 150 letters per minute and has an automatic feeding system that will weigh the letters as they are being going through to save time and effort. This high volume franking machine comes with a letter catcher, label dispenser and has additional options of an envelope stacker, dynamic weighing system and more to ensure you have everything you need to make life easier when franking large amounts of mail.


All of these franking machines are available in the UK, to get accurate price and product information you can fill out one of our forms and request a quote. We will help you find the perfect franking machine for your business (as you can see from this, there are plenty to choose from!).