NeoPost IS330 Franking Machine

NeoPost has been manufacturing franking machines since 1924, they are Royal Mail approved and are known for producing high quality, efficient and durable franking machines. NeoPost put all of the years of experience they have into producing technologically advanced and up to date franking machines to ensure they meet all the requirements that businesses have and remain top of the game.

NeoPost IS330 Franking Machine

The IS330 is a low volume machine that is the ideal size to fit on any office desk, this modern and up to date franking machine is MailMark compatible meaning you can access the most up to date technology giving you even more benefits and features. The IS330 can process up to 40 letters per minute, uses a pass through feeding system and has an integrated 2kg-weighing platform for easy and accurate postage calculation using the weight of the mail.


  • 8 advertising messages
  • 10 departmental accounts
  • LAN connectivity
  • Smart Meter enabled
  • 9 job memories

All of these features help to simplify and improve the franking experience; you can save the most used settings for easy access and use the advertising messages to help promote your business. Smart Meter software means that every piece of mail that you send using the franking machine is automatically reported to Royal Mail and you in regards to VAT. This is a very useful service as some mail services have VAT applied and with Smart Meter this is applied automatically, reported and enables you to reclaim the VAT back from HMRC. Not all franking machines are Smart Meter enabled but only the Smart Meter enabled machines are able to reclaim VAT.

Specifications & Cost

The NeoPost IS-330 will cost around £1,365 to buy outright or it can be leased for around £48 per month. Whether to buy or rent a franking machine is completely up to you, there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, this particular machine is designed to process 15-100 pieces of mail each day so it may be to a business’ advantage to rent the machine and upgrade to a larger volume machine as the business grows.

Machine Physical Specs

  • Length: 35cm
  • Height: 26cm
  • Depth: 37cm
  • Speed: 40 letters per minute

NeoPost IS350 Franking Machine

This is one of the most popular of the NeoPost machines; it can process up to 40 letters per minute and has features that benefit not only small businesses but also medium to large businesses too. This machine has the ability to grow with the business as it has the ability to handle up to 100 departments and up to 10 of these can be logged on at any time. The IS350 has an integrated 3kg weighing scale and this allows for differential weighing meaning you don’t have to pre-sort the mail before franking.


  • Preset up to 9 jobs in the memory
  • Use 8 standard logos as well as two personalised designs
  • Very quiet operation
  • Compact

The IS350 has an impressive array of features considering its small size and quiet operation. This franking machine has been designed to suit any office environment, as well as boasting features that you don’t often see on the smaller machines.

Specifications & Cost

Due to it’s more numerous features the IS350 is available for a higher price than the IS-330, the IS350 is currently available for around £3000. This would be the cost to buy the machine outright; the running costs may also be more than some other machines as you can only use NeoPost ink cartridges in this machine which does bring up the running cost slightly. Rental cost for this machine would start at around £17.

Specifications of Physical Machine

  • Length: 25cm
  • Height: 37.5cm
  • Depth: 26cm
  • Speed: 40 letters per minute


These two franking machines from NeoPost are high quality and offer an impressive selection of features. The IS-330 is the perfect first franking machine for a small business, it offers room for growth and comes with all the latest technology. The IS350 is a fantastic franking machine for any small or medium business as it has loads of high quality features that will support your businesses outgoing mail growth.

The IS350 is NeoPost’s most popular low volume franking machine and when you consider it’s high power combined with it being compact and quiet and filled with features you only usually see on medium to high volume machines you can understand why it is so popular!

NeoPost are known for producing durable and reliable products and have excellent customer service and support too so you know you will be in good hands when buying a product manufactured by them. These two franking machines are generally aimed at businesses that send low volumes of mail but there features mean they can go above and beyond this too. Both of these franking machines would be great for any office, to find out more information or to get a quote fill out one of our forms.