NeoPost IS480 Franking Machine

The NeoPost IS480 is a medium to high volume franking machine that is capable of franking at a speed of 150 letters per minute. This fast paced machine is reliable and efficient ensuring your mail always looks professional and goes out on time. Using high tech and up to date software the IS480 is a smooth running, state of the art machine.

Despite how fast and impressive this machine’s features are it still manages to run quietly making sure it is not disruptive in an office environment. The IS480 is fully automatic meaning the mail will bed automatically fed into the machine for franking – this also means time does not need to be spent sorting the mail before franking. Other great features include built in Internet access and Rate Wizard for automatic postal cost calculations.

NeoPost IS480 Benefits

  • 3, 5, 10 or 30kg scale
  • Automatic Label Dispenser
  • Differential Scale option
  • NeoPost MAS for detailed reports
  • Low ink alerts

The NeoPost IS480 franking machine has so many helpful and time saving features that make franking even large amount of mail simple. The automatic feeder is self aligning and can process mixed batches of mail with ease meaning it doesn’t need any manual assistance from you or other employees. This machine has a feature called “Start Smart” which means when you process one piece of mail it will automatically start processing the next, this is a time saving feature that means you don’t have to keep on pressing buttons and telling the machine what it needs to do.

As a safety feature this franking machine is protected by a PIN code to make sure only authorised people can access and use the machine. You also have the option to set and assign budgets to different departments helping you to control and keep track of postage expenditures. The NeoPost MAS system will provide you with detailed reports allowing you to track, analyse, allocate and strengthen or improve mail by department, class or time-period.

This medium to high volume machine is packed full of features and benefits that make sure franking mail is simple, professional and reliable.

Specifications & Cost

To rent the IS480 you can expect to pay around £80 per month, this is great value for money considering the capabilities and speed of this franking machine. This is an estimated price and to find out the accurate price the best thing to do is to fill out our form and request a quote.


  • Height: 32.4cm
  • Width: 121.9cm
  • Depth: 44.2cm
  • Speed: 150 letters per minute


The IS480 from NeoPost is a great looking machine, it is sleek and has a very elegant feel to it. Not only will it look great in any office, it is packed with the most up to date and technologically advanced features to make sure your business has everything it needs at it’s fingertips when it comes to mail.

This machine can process large amounts of mail at high speed without you doing much at all, the machine will do almost everything for you! You will save so much time and money when using the IS480, it’s a very impressive machine that covers every possible angle of franking.