FP MyMail franking machine

The MyMail franking machine manufactured by Francotyp-Postalia is an easy, convenient and effective machine tailor made for smaller businesses. The compact model is small enough to fit into any home or office and works quietly to avoid disturbance, it is effective and takes away the difficulties and annoyance that doing the mail can sometimes bring. MyMail includes a weighing platform that allows mail costs to be automatically calculated as accurately as possible. MyMail is capable of processing letters at a speed of 20 per minute. Perfect for a small business with a low volume of mail.

Benefits of MyMail Franking Machine

The MyMail franking machine is small in size but big in features. The price of your mail can be calculated at ease without wasting time when you are using the MyMail, it’s features are perfect for the needs of a small business. However, MyMail does not come with MailMark technology meaning you will not be able to print the latest 2D barcode or access even lower prices – this does not mean you won’t benefit from discounts as you will still receive lower costs for franking your mail.

Here are some benefits of the MyMail franking machine:

  • 2kg weighing platform
  • Up to 10 pre-programmed settings
  • Up to 3 advertising slogans
  • SMS alerts when postal credit is running low

These features make franking mail simple, straightforward and stress-free. The low postal credit alert makes sure you don’t suddenly become unstuck during a busy period and helps you to keep an eye on your mail expenses. Having pre-programmed settings is a great time saver when you have frequently used mail size and weight, MyMail also has 3 departmental accounts to help you separate and keep an eye on expenditures for each department.

Specifications & Cost

This low volume franking machine is available to buy for approximately £1000, a standard amount for a low volume machine but a considerable price for many small businesses. You can rent or lease the FP MyMail for around £15 a month meaning you’ll get all the benefits of a franking machine without having to actually buy the machine. Leasing or renting is preferred by many businesses, this is because the initial investment is large and when you buy a machine you cannot easily upgrade it in the future. When leasing or renting you also get the benefits of maintenance being included and easy upgrades if necessary.


Length: 30cm

Height: 18.3cm

Depth: 19.4cm

Speed: 20 letters per minute


The compact, high-tech and impressive low volume franking machine is a fantastic investment for a start up business that does not send a large amount of mail. It gives you the great benefits of franking without needing a large amount of mail or heaps of money for mail expenses. You have access to discounted franking rates, promotional messages for all outgoing mail and your post will have a more professional look, all while saving money. The MyMail also has a modern, sleek appearance; this is unique as many franking machines have the standard boxy and dull look. The aesthetically pleasing look makes it a more welcomed appliance in many offices, especially for new businesses that want to maintain a certain appearance. The MyMail is being called the ultimate entry level-franking machine.