FP Optimail Franking Machine

Francotyp-Postalia have a range available called Optimail, within this range is two models the Optimail 25 and the Optimail 35. FP are one of the most trusted and highly regarded franking machine manufacturers so you know you will be getting high quality and well made machines when buying from them, they are also one of four Royal Mail approved manufacturers in the UK. The two machines in the Optimail range are targeted at businesses that send low to medium volumes. They are designed to be very easy to use, space saving and modern.

The two models are quite similar but they do have some varying features and capabilities, here are the similarities before we look at the two machines separately.

Shared Features on the Optimail 25 and Optimail 35:

  • 6 advertising messages
  • High and low postage warnings
  • 6 SMS text messages
  • Automatic postage value reset
  • Digital connection (through FPConnect)
  • Teleset postal loading

These are features you will get as standard when you buy an FP Optimail product, we have taken a look at the two franking machines separately to give you an idea of which one is best suited to the needs of your business, starting with the Optimail 25.

Optimail 25 Franking Machine

The Optimail 25 is the smaller of the two machines, it has the ability to frank 25 letters per minute and up to 100 letters per day. This capability makes it perfect for small businesses who frank low volumes of mail each day. The Optimail 25 does not come with an integrated scale as standard so this can be purchased as an optional extra or you can buy a separate scale (a external scale will be easy to connect to the Optimail 25). This machine is a great first franking machine for a small business, you can get optional features such as differential weighing or an envelope sealer if you feel your business requires them.


  • Smart Meter Enabled
  • Up to 6 advertisements
  • Up to 6 messages
  • Compact
  • Easy to use

The Optimail 25 is prided on its compact size and easy operation, the features are basic but great for a small business. You can easily add logos or advertisements on to your envelope to increase your company’s reach, improve the look of your mail and make the recipients more likely to open the post. The Optimail 25 is smart meter enabled meaning the machine automatically sends data to Royal Mail meaning a VAT statement can be automatically generated and your business can claim back the VAT.

Optimail 35 Franking Machine

The Optimail 35 is marketed as a low to medium volume franking machine, it can process letters at a speed of 35 a minute and can frank up to 200 piece of mail each day. The Optimail 35 comes with an integrated 3kg weighing scale, this allows all mail to be accurately weighed and correctly priced. The Optimail 35 is very simple to use and has a few more available features than the 25.


  • Smart Meter Enabled
  • 9 cost accounts
  • Program 10 jobs into memory for easy access
  • 6 advertisements
  • High or low postage warning

This franking machine has more options available for businesses that are sending slightly more mail than those using the Optimail 25. This highly advanced machine is very user friendly, allowing you to save the most frequently used jobs for easy access as well as warning you when postage is high or low to make sure you are never caught unaware.

With this franking machine you will get high quality frank marks on all of your mail, including promotional messages, for a discounted franking price without having to spend a large amount of time or stress dealing with the mail. You can also get optional extras to help make life easier and postage jobs quicker (such as an envelope sealer). The Optimal 35 also uses a master card for access, this is for security and makes sure the accounting information is not made available for unauthorised individuals.


To rent a product from the Optimail Range can cost you anywhere between £30 – £60 a month, if you were interested in buying one of these franking machines outright it could cost you more than £2,000.

The features on these products ensure you will save money on every item of postage you send, these saving soon mount up and you could end up saving a large sum of money just from your franking your mail instead of using stamps.


FP is a very innovative and successful franking machine manufacturer, they have a very impressive track record and each machine they make is very high quality. The franking machines created by FP also tend to have a more sleek and impressive appearance as well as great features and productivity they look good in any office.

The Optimail range was created with small businesses in mind, these two machines although basic have got everything a business sending low volumes of mail could need from a first franking machine. The differences between the two machines ensure that the individual needs are met and a business won’t find themselves wishing for extra features. The Optimail machines are high quality, very easy to operate and suit any office environment.